space queen, wooly wonder, pastel witch; fibre fiend.
a scientist of sorts, in sorts - thriving in boredom and agitation; forever off topic and off balance.
busy fingers and a busier mind; forever searching for home and a zone to lay my head and place stray thoughts.
string theory and theories about string - from birth to death, it's all relational; tonal and haphazardly formal.
mountains and prairies and that little place that exists between; it's a large space for fingers and feet to wander
- a place to really be alone.
-to get lost.
the strings and knots and knots of string that keep us from going too far are the same delicate points of time that have always been
- and always will be.
time - now that's a friendly ghost; a welcomed guest.
marking and masking these moments - drawing these fibres into thin familiar shapes; knots on knots on knots, overlapping and interweaving.
finding patience and stillness in ghostly ways - spinning wheels never really break down, they just break apart.